19 December 2012

bayi berusia ENAM hari tandatangan kontrak bola sepak ??!!


apa sudah mahu jadi dengan ini dunia ? baru enam hari dah kena sambar ? walhal baru reti nangis nguwekk . baru reti minum susu, tido, kecing, berak. xD sepak bola ? lagikan tidakk .

itulah gelagat dunia sekarang ni, macam macam dibuat nak tarik perhatian aka cari publisiti ! haha, pepun, mujur perjanjian sebagai peminat kelab bola tu jaa, bukan player . kalau player maw cheq pengsan laaa ni gak. :3

source : bleachreport

In what can only be deemed the most ridiculous sports story in recent memory,Newell's Old Boys have come to an agreement with Thiago Messi—otherwise known as the six-day-old son of FC Barcelona forward Lionel Messi.
The club, for whom the elder Messi played from 1995 to 2000, reportedly reached the agreement to join the supporter's club with Thiago's grandfather, Jorge, earlier this week, according to the Daily Mail:
Lionel Messi's son Thiago has already been made a member of Newell’s Old Boys' supporters club, after an agreement was reached between the club and the infant's grandfather, Jorge. 
The Argentina club - for whom Messi played at youth level before moving to the Nou Camp aged 13- issued an official membership card for the baby, who was born in Barcelona on November 2.
While one cannot help but chuckle at the ridiculousness of this, the recruitment of an infant cannot exactly come as a shock anymore. Particularly in college football and basketball recruiting, coaches have made a habit of pushing age boundaries with signings.
In July, the LSU Tigers offered Dylan Moses, who had yet to even reach the eighth grade, a full scholarship to play football at the school. 
Nonetheless, this move from Newell's Old Boys pushes far beyond that boundary—even as just a member of the supporter's club. I mean, at least Moses could speak when offered a scholarship.
On the other hand, you cannot help but applaud the ingenuity of manager Gerardo Martino and chairman Guillermo Lorente. This is a move that gets the club splashed all over headlines across the world, while almost certainly costing the club very little in the long term.
And let's not kid ourselves here. If there is one gene pool that is worth ingratiating yourself towards, it's Messi's, who is arguably the best player in the world.
It's a story that is equal parts ridiculous and intriguing, but one that could actually pay dividends for Newell's Old Boys down the line.