12 March 2015

personal blog #7 : done!!


alhamdulillah, at last. at last. at laaast, i finished my final programming project. 15 types of sports score keepers all together. at first i made each of them in different c file, then after combining all of them... 2.1k lines in total! what a number! :3 yeahh, of course with some blank lines between those codes. hehe. at first we planned to make 25 types, then shorten to 20, and then 15..at last. kih kih. got no time to make that much, maybe(?). btw if.. i do make that much, that's mean my whole program will consist about..(takes calculator..calculating 2.1k/15*25)... 3.5k?! hah, kinda insanee. it's ok, daijou bu! 2.1k already enough & appropriate for my level i think.. hehe

soo, all these score keepers, if Allah wills, i will share in my blog once i'm over with my final exam here. or if i do find some time to update, i'll do it, one at a time. ;)

oh, i'm also planning to share inventory item updater source code! ← my csc individual assignment.
maybe in near future, potassium? :3

today is the last time i'm wearing lab coat here, in uitm palam

***update:my groupmate's coding is 8k lines! omo, i felt soooo down to earth. huhu


08 March 2015

personal blog #6; langkah panjang


second time naik komuter. first time masa kecik2 dulu..

semua pakat order plain water.. kami ja yg.... *smbung ayat sendiri*

#spotd ; sweetest photo of the day

fitri koi keding bakhiang. aku xtau dia makan apa. 

w/ some of warga valiant generation yg turun. tudung pink; asma farhana, rainbow: afifah idris, coklat: arifah.
yang blueblack blkg tu xpayah intro kot. kuikui.
makcik ni la. asai plan nak turun mid kami dua ja. tup2 haritu gak VG nk buat gathering.
well, kills 2 birds w/ 1 stone la kira.

aku tak tau la. aku nak update blog pasal benda ni, tapi xreti pulak nak karang ayat panjang panjang cam dulu2. skill dah berkarat kot, maklumlah la ni orang tgh sibuk karang ayat dalam c language jaa. if you know what i mean. haha. padahal banyak ja benda awesome. so, share gmbaq ja la noh.

06 March 2015

personal blog #5


jumaah barakah to all muslims. nothing much to say, just feel to post this photo as prove in future I was once a UiTM student & wearing lab coat is just awesome. :3

nota kaki: dah nak habis foundation.. tapi misi aku nak interview beberapa lecturer best tak jadi lecturer masih tak kesampaian...tak da masa yg sesuai...ceh.. sebenarnya hang tu yg pemalu x tentu pasai aiman oi!


03 March 2015

personal blog #4


now is near the end. the climax. of being an UiTM Foundation student. 2 weeks left till csc presentation & test 2. 3 weeks left till final exam. time for the last sprint. will i manage to cross the finishing line or will i 'pancit' near the end?