12 March 2015

personal blog #7 : done!!


alhamdulillah, at last. at last. at laaast, i finished my final programming project. 15 types of sports score keepers all together. at first i made each of them in different c file, then after combining all of them... 2.1k lines in total! what a number! :3 yeahh, of course with some blank lines between those codes. hehe. at first we planned to make 25 types, then shorten to 20, and then 15..at last. kih kih. got no time to make that much, maybe(?). btw if.. i do make that much, that's mean my whole program will consist about..(takes calculator..calculating 2.1k/15*25)... 3.5k?! hah, kinda insanee. it's ok, daijou bu! 2.1k already enough & appropriate for my level i think.. hehe

soo, all these score keepers, if Allah wills, i will share in my blog once i'm over with my final exam here. or if i do find some time to update, i'll do it, one at a time. ;)

oh, i'm also planning to share inventory item updater source code! ← my csc individual assignment.
maybe in near future, potassium? :3

today is the last time i'm wearing lab coat here, in uitm palam

***update:my groupmate's coding is 8k lines! omo, i felt soooo down to earth. huhu



pecah kaca sebab koman,
lepas baca harap komen. :D