15 October 2016

Sony EMCS Scholarship Aptitude Test 2016


Hi everyone! I rarely posted bout personal experience these days but I really think I need to share this because I myself used to have hard time finding and googling others' experience bout Sony EMCS Scholarship Aptitude Test.

So yesterday, I sat for the test. Alhamdulillah, I actually really thankful to Allah for opening Sony's heart to accept my application. Frankly, Poslaju messed up with my application form postage and it arrived to Sony AFTER the due date passed. Back in time when I knew bout it, I felt kinda frustrated, but I'm not fully blaming Poslaju because I also finished up preparing the form and all the documents near the end of application date. In fact, I posted 'em on Thursday, when the due date was on Friday. Yup, TOMORROW of it! But I posted 'em in the morning, and the person in charge at the Poslaju counter said it will arrived tomorrow. ----TADA! It "safely" arrived Sony on Sunday/Monday ((not quite remember already)). So moral of the story, send your form EARLY and AVOID USING POSLAJU(?).

Back to the topic, so for this time, Sony itself came to UTM for the test and the participants were only UTM students, so I guessed they did the same for every uni, maybe? I've read some blog posts (but that's in 2013 and former) they need to come to Sony EMCS at Bangi themselves to take the test. Sooooo, Thank you Sony! & You just need to bring pencil & eraser for the test. NO CALCULATOR IS ALLOWED! huhu.

There are 3 sets of tests: