15 October 2015

personal blog #9 - brief update


ni hao guyssss. just a short update, I'm currently a first year student of software engineering at UTM. some may argue it's not the best decision, while others support me. above of all, I'll just try to do my very best here, insyaAllah!

sooooo, for the first sem here, I'm learning c++, thus will be sharing some later on. already got one reserved actually. but can't really promise when to share coz of my busy schedule and lazy to write. hehe.
some sneak peek 

anyway, I'm currently working on a line following robot, using microcontroller, IR sensors and motor driver L293D. it's for UTM's Robocon Recruitment Minigame. currently stuck at programming part as it is walao~ even it's basically c language based, i still struggling to understand coz it's somewhat not THAT easy as what i learnt during foundation ~.~

last but not least, do pray my project will be a success thus i may share with you guyss (like, is there anyone reading this? lol). whatever. sayonara. oh, and salam awal muharram. :3

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