15 October 2016

Sony EMCS Scholarship Aptitude Test 2016


Hi everyone! I rarely posted bout personal experience these days but I really think I need to share this because I myself used to have hard time finding and googling others' experience bout Sony EMCS Scholarship Aptitude Test.

So yesterday, I sat for the test. Alhamdulillah, I actually really thankful to Allah for opening Sony's heart to accept my application. Frankly, Poslaju messed up with my application form postage and it arrived to Sony AFTER the due date passed. Back in time when I knew bout it, I felt kinda frustrated, but I'm not fully blaming Poslaju because I also finished up preparing the form and all the documents near the end of application date. In fact, I posted 'em on Thursday, when the due date was on Friday. Yup, TOMORROW of it! But I posted 'em in the morning, and the person in charge at the Poslaju counter said it will arrived tomorrow. ----TADA! It "safely" arrived Sony on Sunday/Monday ((not quite remember already)). So moral of the story, send your form EARLY and AVOID USING POSLAJU(?).

Back to the topic, so for this time, Sony itself came to UTM for the test and the participants were only UTM students, so I guessed they did the same for every uni, maybe? I've read some blog posts (but that's in 2013 and former) they need to come to Sony EMCS at Bangi themselves to take the test. Sooooo, Thank you Sony! & You just need to bring pencil & eraser for the test. NO CALCULATOR IS ALLOWED! huhu.

There are 3 sets of tests:

Time allocated: 20 mins
No of Qs: 40

It is more like an IQ test. where they're sets of pictures in some logical sequences and you need to find out the sequence and determine the next picture. I kinda messed up due to nervousness, I guess, which I only managed to finish 38/40 Qs. It is a good thing tho, I did some practice beforehand, if not, I think it will be a lot worse, nau'zubillah! (~.~)

Time allocated: 30 mins
No of Qs: 60 (if I'm not mistaken)

There will be a passage, and after reading it, you need to answer few questions. The questions are in form of statements, and based on the passage, you need to determine whether the statement is TRUE, FALSE, or CANNOT SAY. Each passage will have 4/5 questions (again, already forgot haha) so there will be not only one passage, but more. Thank God I managed to answer all questions for this set, as I kinda already "into the mood" & fired up. XD

Data interpreting
Time allocated: 30 mins
No of Qs: 45 (if I'm not mistaken)

A card consists of numerous diagrams such as pie chart, tables, and graph is given. And based on that, you need to answer the questions given. Some are direct questions, and some you need to do simple/not-so-simple calculation. There are even questions that involves more than 1 diagram (means you need to relate them), but this kind of question is not so many (maybe it is a high level one). Again, alhamdulillah I managed to answer all Qs, BUT! there are 2,3 Qs that I "main hentam" LOL.

My advice: if there is question that you're stucked for a long time, skip to the next question first. Sometimes, the next one will be A LOT easier. (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

Actually, Sony's scholarship is one of my dream scholarship ever since I decided to take Software Engineering (2013- after SPM). So I'm really glad I've taken another step ahead in achieving it.

To end this post, here some quick tips:

  • Sony advertises they only accept application for 2nd & 3rd year students. But yesterday I noticed there were some 1st year students sitting for the test. So, if you're 1st year, just try to apply 'em too! (but if you didn't get called to sit for the test don't sue me~) (and frankly I'm quite disappointed as if I knew it, I've applied for 'em last year. But hey at least I got a year to build up my profile & résumé! ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑) ).
  • Do some practices/ exercises that available online to get prepared before going to the real test.
  • Don't let your nerves gets you. Go to the washroom before taking the test!
  • Sony staffs in charged are really friendly. Just ask anything that you want. They won't bite!
  • If you passed the test, Sony will contact you around early or mid Nov to tell you need to attend an interview session with their bosses at Sony EMCS office, Bangi.
  • Length of your bond with Sony upon graduation is based on length of Sony sponsoring your study. After that bond ended, you may be taken as permanent staff.
  • This applicable to Sony at Bangi only. You can't work at Sony Penang or Sony Japan as the one that sponsor your study is Sony Bangi.

some sample questions:

Ok, that's all for today. If you're taking the test soon, all the best! May Allah ease everything. 

ps:/ please pray that I will get called to go to the interview. I really really reaaaaaallyyyyyyyy looking forward to it! 


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