19 November 2016

A dedication


Alhamdulillah, mabruk alaik to my one & only sister, Ms. Nurul Aufa Ab Majid for your 5 years long fight (including foundation studies) at UNIMAS! I bet there were times you shed tears and sweats but not even once you showed it to me. You're such an amazing person, remarkably proved that getting a C+ (eh ke B+) for addmath during SPM doesn't mean you can't pursue and hold a degree in engineering. A lovable senpai, and a friendly friend; how we're really different on that aspect 😂

Getting on my 2nd year of study & facing more and more challenging subjects, I hope I won't lose my way. If I ought to fall somehow along my way, I pray I'll stay tough as you did. You're my inspiration.!

Last but not least, all the best for your SL1M training! Mudah2an badan pun bertambah SLIM ler. 😜


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